Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Tappahannock, Va.

5141 Dunbrooke Road, Tappahannock, VA 22560


Prison Card Mt Zion on mission

Prison Card Mission

On special days, the Mt. Zion Prison Mission Team blesses those incarcerated with kind words and “Love From Above.”

On Christmas and Easter we send a message of “Love From Above” to around 60 people who are incarcerated in Virginia.  On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we send cards to any parents that we are aware of.  Throughout the year, cards that are received back are answered with words of love.  Also, blank cards are donated for any occassion to Virginia Correctional Center for Women.  The chaplain makes packages for each of the 600 ladies, so that they have cards to mail back home to friends and family.  Stamps are also sent for the chaplain to pass out to the ladies, as well as using them for our own correspondence.

If you are aware of anyone that is in prison (of any kind), please let Beverley Prince know by contacting her at 804-445-6183.  They will be added to our ongoing list.  If you want to write a message and have Beverley Prince address it or feel that you can take on a pen pal, please let her know.