Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Tappahannock, Va.

5141 Dunbrooke Road, Tappahannock, VA 22560


Our History at Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Mt. Zion Baptist church was established in 1774, two years before we were a nation, as Piscataway Baptist Church. Four men refused to bow to the Kings demand. Because of certain laws at the time a tax and a seminary degree for a non-Baptist school was required to preach. Our founders were tried for “boot-legging” the gospel.

Former Mt. Zion buildings have been at St John’s on Desha Road and another supposedly just south of the current church, on the other side of the road, about a half mile on a noel. Quite some speculation about this location is still up for debate. The current structure is at 5141 Dunbrooke Road and was built in 1852 out of sand cast brick with two and three foot thick walls. This was a reaction to the fire that took the wooden building just before. The builders were determined that the new church would never be destroyed and it looks like this sturdy secure building will be here for another two hundred years. A few architectural elements one might find interesting are the charred wood boards that mark where one of two coal burning stoves used to stand. The old chimneys are still marked on the tin roof by square patches. We have a baptismal pool that is built under the pulpit and is uncovered with every use. There is also a twisting stair case to the balcony that was added after the first construction, and the fret work on the front of the balcony where each piece looks to be individually made. There is more history to be learned just from our cemetery. A new education wing was built in the 1960’s. During the excavation of the fellowship hall a three day storm came and washed out the existing transept wall near the parking lot. The transept chandelier hung exposed to the elements until the wall could be rebuilt. Another addition was added with the new fellowship hall in 2004. The basement was left empty but had to be finished out to make room for the expanding attendance.

Mt. Zion has always been a strong mission minded church and has a history of risk takers from their very beginning. We stand strong in unity for the Kingdom of God and the Body of Christ. We have adopted “We grow effective mature Kingdom citizens” as our motto. From that we mean that we grow in our Sunday School class where we learn what the Bible says to us and how to understand it. We become effective in the Worship Service where through the sermons we learn how to apply the teaching to become effective Christians for God. We mature when we find a ministry God has called us to and engage Him in that ministry and work at it. Our maturity comes from God as we labor at our called ministry.

Everyone feels their church is friendly, but at our church you make friends.