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At Mt. Zion Baptist Church we hold to our mission that “We grow effective mature Kingdom citizens”. We apply that as: We first need to grow in Christ to become effective, We must become effective to mature. The way we become mature is in finding our ministry and looking to God as our fulfillment and satisfaction in our spiritual lives. At the base of it all is become a citizen of God’s Kingdom. That starts with the act of salvation by faith as an act of grace through Jesus Christ. We continue with baptism as our first act of obedience on our Heavenly journey along with church membership. Our Mission is to move as many souls from Kingdom Citizens to Maturity.

It is worded the same as our Mission statement. At Mt. Zion Baptist Church “We grow effective mature Kingdom citizens.” But we apply it differently in our purpose. We see Sunday School as the teaching arm of the church. In it we learn how to grow in the hurting Word of God and in favor with God and man. We become effective by hearing what is said in the sermons and apply that to our lives. Maturity comes once a Christ follower finds the ministry God has lead them to and engages that ministry and embraces it as their own. It is in that ministry that the individual finds communion with God by doing His will. The primary starting place is mentioned last only because of grammar. But it is the most important. We become Kingdom Citizens by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior and committing our lives to him for ever. We follow this with baptism and church membership.

Our slogan is “We Live to Love and we Love to Live”. It is a statement that tells the people outside that we celebrate every aspect of life and our love relationship with God enhances that love for life.

Summer is Here

Huddle Discipleship Wed. 6:00 p.m. including dinner>


New Summer series on Nehemiah called, "Right Now"!


Vacation Bible School is right around the corner. Come help decorate with us Saturday

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Service Times & Directions


9am: Contemporary

10am: Sunday School

11am: Traditional

Wednesday Night:

6:45pm: Bible Study

7:30pm: Choir Practice

5141 Dunbrooke Road
Tappahannock, VA 22560